PDDL Parser for AI Planning

If you need to parse PDDL for the AI Planning class at coursera, check out this script. It’s pretty basic and hasn’t been tested on the DWR problem descriptions, but I’m really enjoying playing around with my first “compiler”....

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Transparent Histograms

Spent a lot of this week working on prettifying bar charts, histograms and animations for some reveal.js slides.

This pug module on dj1.8 branch (upgrading to Django 1.8) provides a lot of kwarg customization for transparency that work...

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Another Challenge Do-Over

I failed another coding challenge and couldn’t just put it out of my mind. The challenge is this. You’re given a passage with any number of sentences and words in it, but some of the words have slashes between them...

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Automata and Machine Intelligence

More and more, the smart people I meet are talking about Automata, Natural Language Processing, and Graph Search (AI/MI Planning) all in the same breath. I’ve taken MOOCs on all 3, but think I need to revisit automata. Math proofs...

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Graph Search Using Networkx

I’m having fun with a traveling salesman, minimum spanning tree problem over here. Check it out for pretty graph diagrams and some cool Networkx python examples.

With a typical retailer website, you can query with a zip code to...

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