Predictive Analytics War Stories Video

Thank you David Barton and Innovation Enterprise for recording my presentation at the Predictive Analytics Summit in San Diego. It really knocked down my ego a notch to see my awkwardness. You’ve motivated me to practice.

The video doesn’t show the screen with the reveal.js slides. But if you check out the slides at you’ll get all the plots, animations, interactive d3 visulizations, and even commenting on individual slides. If anyone requests it, I’ll superimpose the slides onto the video.

Here’s a pdf of the slides, and here’s the github repo with the reveal.js + Choose-Your-Own-Adventure SMS vote-tallying flask webapp that Matt Makai came up with.

The “export html” feature on (which unpaid users have access to) links all media and javascript libraries back to the server, so it won’t work if goes offline. However, a “Pro” subscription on entitles you to sync the entire web content (images and lib folders, plus the deck.html file) to your DropBox account. Fortunately, has been smart about using relative links, so you can serve your own slides (after your Pro subscription runs out) on any server you like. I’ve hosted mine here at the free (github-pages) server. I can’t find any differences between my freely hosted version and the version, except the commenting feature on

Also, be careful if you use a and timeout (in the word-coocurrence matrix sort transition widget). The 2 second timeout was causing the d3 slide to reveal the sort-order pulldown menu when you hit the spacebar on a random reveal.js slide that preceeded it. I did a lot of refactoring of javascript function (order()) and CSS id names (#order) before identifying the timeout() function that was causing the problem from within the iframe. So much for isolating javascript in an iframe to protect the rest of a page!

Written on February 15, 2015