• Machine Learning and AI

What is Machine Learning?

Automated Data Science


How can we apply machine learning to Hack Oregon data projects

  • Behind the Curtain: Predict election results
  • Plot PDX: Predict home prices
  • Poverty: household income, “real” CPI
  • Education: predict graduation rates

What makes a “Good” Problem

  • Solvable
    • You know when you have an answer
    • You know how good the answer is
  • Data
    • Easy
    • Clean
    • Plenty of it
    • Good sampling (imbalanced data is tricky)

What is AI?

  • Machine Learning?
  • Turing Test
  • Deep Learning (Neural Nets)?
  • Doing stuff better than Humans?
  • Accomplishing goals?
  • What is intelligence?
  • Machine Consiousness?
  • Machine Conscience?


  • python
    • numpy, scikit-learn, matplotlib
  • git
    • GitHub
  • Linux
    • built into OSX, Ubuntu, etc
    • git-bash, CygWin or bash for Windows 10!
Written on April 3, 2016