The coolest tool on the planet


  • GitHub is not git
  • One of many web interfaces to a git repo
  • It’s a corporation, a website
    • Efficient, open, generous, socially responsible, sustainable company
    • For-Profit
  • Most pro-social company on the planet?

GitHub Niceness

Hosts static websites for free

  • no database
  • no python
  • nothing persistent

GitHub Niceness

  • iPython notebooks
  • Markdown
  • JPG, PNG
  • not PDF?

GitHub Niceness

Pull Requests!

  • E-mail diff to team and have them patch ?!!!
  • No Longer!!: Use GitHub API or website
  • Comment on changes within code!
  • Best/only way to do code review

“Back Story”

  • Linus dispute with hg (Mercurial) and bitbucket (Atlassian)

  • BitBucket inching up his “subscription” plan
  • Wouldn’t implement important security features
  • Linux sabatouers/plants from Microsoft?

“Moral” of the Story

  • Linux team put minds together and built git in a week
  • “Friends” built GitHub in a few months
  • All Linux development happens on git
  • Google shut down Google Code in favor of GitHub
  • Focussed on efficiency for the user
  • Helpful prompts when something goes wrong
  • Atlassian is tightly aligned with Microsoft and raking it in

Support GitHub Ecosystem

If you need to keep something private, pay GitHub for it.

Integrate it with travis, codeship, etc


  • Thousands of 3rd party apps integrate with it
  • You can deploy a complex application just by pushing to GitHub



Developers have a workflow like factory workers.

Your work must integrate with parts from others.

Your workflow is how you “play nice” with others.

You don’t need to worry about this.

hack-university is your playground to learn in.


  • Flexibile tools, means lots of “workflow” options
  • how you
    • branch
    • pull
    • merge
    • push
    • Deploy
Written on February 14, 2016