Data Science Trends

Springboard Data Science Careers students keep asking me which specialization they should pursue. And they often want to know which specialization are most likely to hire a junior data science coming out of Springboard. I try to encourage my students to pursue something that they are good at, because there will always be a market for someone who is good at what they do. But if you really want to follow the crowd and go where the employers are hiring check out the 2018 report. It looks like NLP was popular in 2016 and 2017 but may be overtaken by computer vision and “deep learning” by 2020. This roughly corresponds to the widespread deployment of self-driving cars, which will eventually replace apoproximately 10% of the US workforce with machines. And those driving and logistics jobs have been “transformed” into data science jobs over the past few years. So if you’re a full time Lyft Driver, now might be a good time to start taking night classes in Data Science and getting reconnected to your nerdy friends.

AIIndex DS Job Trends

Written on January 17, 2019