My passion for AI was cultivated in a supportive environment of software developers, data scientists, AI enthusiasts, and Go players in Portland Oregon.

Passion for AI

If you hang around at user groups and Data Science meetups long enough you’ll eventually run into a few enthusiasts that love to build neural nets or any old automated or machine learning system. And eventually you start building cool things together. That’s what this blog is about.

PUG – Python User Group

There are som random bits of NLP, data munging, and machine learning code in a “Python User Group” package called pug and pugnlp.

It’s not maintained very well, but it serves those who know it well.

NLPIA – Natural Language Processing in Action

I’m maintaining the nlpia package to go along with the book Natural Language Processing in Action published by Manning that Cole, Hannes, and I wrote with the help of our Portland Python friends and mentors. If you ever want some Manning Book 50% discount codes just follow me and tweet at me on Twitter.

The nlpia-bot has grown into a useful tool for answering questions about any bit of factual information in a collection of documents. We hope to release a stable, batteries-included natural language search engine within the next 2 months. Think ElasticSearch, but without the query language and a 1-sentence search result. Or think WolframAlpha, but with the ability to focus the bot on the data you care about, like your journals or emails. Just ask the bot what you want to know, and it will tell you.