Open Source Teleprompter?

I’m recording some instructional videos for a Natural Language Processing In Motion course for Manning Publishing and maybe a Data Science for Healthcare course for UCSD. I tried using Camtasia to simultaneously record the slides on one monitor and the talking head (webcam). And I tried using a Libre Office in presentation mode to show the slides/animations on my laptop screen and read from the external display (slide notes). But in display mode Libre Office puts the notes to the right in the middle of the screen and my eyes weren’t looking at the camera. Is there a better way to set up a “teleprompter” and webcam so that the top line is always near the webcam? I’d prefer open source and free or low cost.

Or maybe this would be a good NLP project for someone? I’d be happy to help. We could add it to the NLPIA package to give it exposure and get help from NLPIA readers. You’d need a good STT engine with low latency.

Written on December 19, 2018