PyCon 2015 -- Predict Weather with PyBrain, Attribution Do-Over

Here’s an attribution “do-over” for my PyCon 2015 lightning talk. I didn’t even capitalize PyBrain correctly. So here’s my belated thank you to Lynn Root for herding us Lighting Talk cats with grace, and the videographer and sound crew that pulled off this technical juggling act without once dropping a ball. And a big thanks to the PyBrain creators led by IDSIA Professor Jürgen Schmidhuber, contributors, and supporters. PyBrain is an awesome library. My talk, and work for my employer, wouldn’t have been possible without it. I can only blame my attribution FAIL on public speaking nerves and my inability to maintain a stable WiFi connection as I tried to create the slides in the seconds leading up to podium time.

Here are the latest slides. As soon as I can my slides being held hostage by (recreate as straight HTML5+reveal.js) I’ll add the appropriate attribution throughout the presentation.

And here’s the pug-ann repo where I’d love to get pull requests or give write privileges to contributors. Help me build a truly autonomous (self-tuning) neural net predictor. It’s a race against the big boys to make open-source, open-data AI that can beat them at their game..

Written on April 14, 2015